VPS Creation

Registration information received.

Although we do give out Free VPS Servers, we still need the minimal funds to maintain the servers.

Once the “Create VPS Server” button is clicked, you will be asked to fill out a very short survey to help us maintain our servers.

Edit: We have been receiving email messages lately COMPLAINING about needing to fill out a short and simple survey in order to receive the login information.
Please DO NOT Press the “Create” button below if you think that filling out a small survey in order to receive a COMPLETELY FREE VPS is too much to ask from you. Thank you!

Please click on the button below to create the VPS server and receive the Login/IP information:

Create VPS Server

Only one account per person is allowed.
DO NOT use a proxy to register for a VPS. Proxy-created accounts will be deleted.
Once you receive your VPS credentials, contact our support team for any question.